Oskar Arkhammon

A hyper-intelligent but socially off-putting alchemist who suffers from dwarfism


(Oz-KAR, or OSK-ar)

Very short for a human, cranium a bit larger than normal, burns on much of body and face. Not strong, but robust of heart and tough skinned (literally). Wiry and dexterous frame, quick on feet and with hands. Very lacking in social norms, including an inappropriate and crass sense of humor.

Very high intellect and somewhat wise, in fact intellectually elitist and socially annoyed with inferiors wasting his time, unless they can help his cause or belong to the orphanage which cared for and raised him. Counts his orphan brothers and sisters, particularly members of the organization, as the only people worth knowing personally. Doesn’t bathe because that is a waste of time and soaps irritate and burn his skin making him particularly grumpy. Only has time to search for, research and develop alchemical concoctions in search for the truth and cause of the strange green fire that killed his parents and left him scarred, the mystery of the missing key whose imprint was seared into his flesh (sternum, worn around neck), and his missing sister, Ossandra. The only clue was a strange, sickly – sweet pungent black residue left on his damaged flaky skin that he managed to secure into first a bowl, then a vial, which is most precious to him, and a peculiar ash that remained at the foundation site of their destroyed house. The ash smells like burnt licorice and looks like violet, flaky coal. He keeps that in a pouch upon his person, adding to his foul odor. These are the things that drive Oskar.

Morally ambiguous. Acts on behalf of his own self interests and often self preservation, although completely understands that in helping and protecting those that help him and keep him safe® will often benefit him in the short and long terms. Will sell his services for money or trade, but contributes back to the orphanage. Expects others in his presence to contribute or cover costs of his supplies and needs because he believes that his work and goals are not only superior, but also for the best of the group.

Particularly fond of this fellow orphan and outcast, because of shared time at the orphanage and respectful relationship in regards to skills and such. Her more agreeable, if socially standoffish nature makes her easier to work with.

Seems to have a tenuous relationship at best, since this fellow orphan is so dismissive and unappreciative of his superior intellect and skills. Quite frustrating to Oskar, since he understands the importance of knowing someone so charismatic and tough. Her attitude adds to his tendency to mistrust her and most others.

A relatively new associate assigned to work with the group. Appreciative of his recognized and similar skills of perception, stealth, and sleight of hand, which also adds to his wariness of his possible true intentions. A very useful tool indeed, but one that must be watched. Professional trust in the organization has tempered any immediate issues.


Oskar Arkhammon

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